Voice At The Center Clips

DVD + Deluxe Accessories

- $84.99


  • 2 - 5" balls
  • 2 - 4" balls
  • 1 - 3" ball
  • 1 - Accu-Massage™ personal massage tool
  • 1 - extra long (8') resistance band
  • 1 - drawstring storage bag

You will receive the DVD: Voice at the Center™, a comprehensive look at the techniques used and developed by Ruth Williams Hennessy to free your voice from misplaced body tension, connect to your core, and release the full power and resonance of your natural instrument. The DVD includes:

  • a Self-Assessment sequence, to discover which exercises will be most beneficial for you;
  • more than 75 exercises for body release and alignment, breath, and voice;
  • a 3-D video graphic of pertinent muscles;
  • and an interview with Ruth, explaining this cutting-edge approach in depth.

This package includes the accessories you need to do ALL the exercises on the DVD. While many exercises on the DVD can be done without the accessories, some of the most helpful exercises require the help of the accessories.

    The balls are sturdy and high-quality, designed specifically for the ball exercises featured in Voice at the Center™. This package includes the three different sizes of balls you need to do ALL of the exercises on the DVD. Balls arrive fully inflated.

      The medium strength 8' resistance band will enable you to do all the resistance band exercises on the DVD. (Most resistance bands are no longer than 6'.)

        The Accu-Massage™ trigger point massager is highly recommended. It can be used all over the body. Especially helpful for releasing tension in the neck and shoulders. No other massage tool comes close.

      Please remember that resistance bands are not toys. Do not use the resistance band in any way that might cause it to snap toward the head and cause injury to eyes. Adult supervision is required at all times when children are exercising with resistance bands.


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